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Is God male or female?
God is neither male nor female. God is knowledge and wisdom. The entire universe was created by the knowledge and wisdom that is God and it is pervaded by that knowledge and wisdom... Read More >>

Is there life after death?
We are all eternal living beings who neither die nor cease to exist but keep changing bodies. The Bhagavad Gita reveal that all embodied beings pass through childhood, youth and old age in bodies and then go into new ones... Read More >>

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Your gateway to the secret wisdom that can free you from ageing and death, and give you peace, happiness and eternal youth.
You are God book
Bhagwadgeeta book
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Highest Wisdom is a secret knowledge, not known to the world at large, that can free you from stress, diseases, old age and you can remain young forever. This secret knowledge and wisdom is lying written in the Holy Scriptures such as the Bhagavad Gita and Bible for thousands of years. But the true understanding of the words of God has become available only recently.

To become free from stress, diseases etc. you do not have to bring any change in your life style and actions. All that you have to do is to understand the words of God written in the Holy Scriptures, believe them to be true and meditate on them in your heart. This highest wisdom has been revealed in the books by Shashi Verma.

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YOU ARE GOD – The Bhagavad Gita As Never Before
By Shashi Verma

You Are God is the first book that elucidates the secret wisdom of immortality revealed by Lord Krishna 5,000 years ago. There is no other book on the Gita which says that we can free ourselves from old age and remain young forever by following the secret wisdom revealed by Lord Krishna. Not only does You Are God unfold this secret wisdom, it also explains how one can have peace and happiness through this divine wisdom.

The most amazing thing is that there are no do’s and dont's in this divine wisdom of God. You have to carry on with your life as usual without bringing any change at all. You have to simply change your thoughts as per the wisdom of God explained in this path-breaking book.   Read More >>